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Malin Fabrication Ltd prides itself on their ability to support the wider Group and their clients in the design, fabrication, testing and delivery of various types of lifting equipment and transportation aids. With the added value of being able to ship and install anywhere in the world when required.

The use of lifting equipment and transportation beams, cradles and other aids is central to the services the wider Group offers and therefore we intrinsically understand the functionality of the equipment we are being asked to fabricate.

Whether it is lifting equipment for cargo loadout and loadin, load spreading between cargo and SPMTs or skidding and jacking equipment, or securing the cargo for sea transportation, Malin Fabrication can cover the full scope required. This includes CE marking of in-house designed and manufactured beams to the detailed FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and fabrication of complex loadspreading transportation cradles.

Each project is meticulously managed from concept through to delivery and, if required, beyond. The business is geared towards meeting and, wherever possible, exceeding client requirements with all our work carried out under ISO9001 and CE regulations.

The Malin Group capabilities allow them to act as the CE manufacturer, removing any dependence on our clients and as everything is carried out under a turnkey approach within the group we can offer an extremely simple interface for project delivery from issue of scope through to delivery of a tested end product.

Typical products we supply:

  • Spreader/lifting beams.
  • Gantry’s.
  • A-frames.
  • Bespoke transport frames.
  • Loadspreading mats and boards.
  • Skidding beams and support stools.
  • In-line clevis plates and bespoke lifting frames.
  • Lifting Beam Design

  • Group CE Certification

  • Testing

  • Delivery