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The Malin Fabrication Ltd Renfrew facility takes advantage of the Group’s wealth of experience in providing services to the shipbuilding industry for over 100 years. Understanding the needs of this complex industry is paramount in delivering against a client’s required scope, and here at Malin Fabrication Ltd, we take great pride in the fact that as a result of our Group’s experience and approach our clients continue to return for us to assist with their needs.

The complex issues associated with the design and provision of jigs, ships cradles and lifting equipment associated with shipbuilding is well known to us. We have an understanding of the process through many decades of direct heavy lift contracting experience with shipyards in the weighing, safe transport and floating off of hull sections up to 11,500 Te in weight.

A brief view of some of the services we provide as a Group are:

  • Design build and supply of transport and build jigs.
  • Lifting and turning aids.
  • Design of integrated build and weighing support stools.
  • Skidding tracks.

To further discuss our capabilities please do not hesitate to get in touch

  • Fabrication cradles

  • Bespoke steelwork